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Named after our beautiful and long time French-Belgian muse Elodie de Frise, or more affectionately known as Bee-scuit, this collection is a redesign/combination of our retired "Long Curly" & "Duchess" Collections. These wigs feature blunt bangs, straight face framing sides that flatter most facial shapes, and a glamorous long length with perfectly balanced curls. It is extra thick to prevent wefts from showing. This redesign incorporates our new high-temperature fibers from S. Korea and can be heated to 428*F/220*C (Be sure to spot test it before applying to the main part of wig as some thermometers are not always accurate). 

PLEASE NOTE: Our stock photos show the wigs exactly as they come out of their packaging. When the curls are shaken out and brushed, they will appear much fuller. We pack them with tighter curls to ensure they arrive in great condition.

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